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Virtual Reality Training In Your Future
Virtual Reality Training Offers New Ways to Replicate the Learner’s Work Environment Facebook® recently announced that it is purchasing Oculus VR® in a deal worth $2 billion. Oculus VR is the Kickstarter-funded company that is developing Oculus Rift, the virtual reality (VR) headset that will change video gaming forever. Oculus Rift literally puts the wearer...
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Instructor Led Training ILT Magic Engage Learners
I was in Las Vegas recently, and I went to see David Copperfield. Remember him? He’s the illusionist who made the Grand Canyon disappear. His show is amazing and, no doubt, his illusions are top-notch. But what really struck me is how he continually engaged his audience throughout the show. Almost every trick incorporated audience...
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Storytelling for complex simulations - avoid writer's block with these techniques!
Character, plot, foreshadowing, climax… with a quick glance, you might think this post is about the Great American Novel or the next hit indie drama. No, I’m not writing to you from a tiny room in Paris hunched over a typewriter, nor am I in a slick writer’s room in Hollywood. Yet writing for complex...
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Building a Community of Practice
In Part 1 of my “Learning Toward a Common Goal” blog series, I discussed Mass Collaboration exercises such as Cicada 3301, and their benefits to corporations and organizations. In this blog, I’ll tackle how to get traction with your “community of practice.” Yammer, Facebook®, home-grown technologies… I often see clients create community of practice sites...
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Tacit Knowledge SME Subject Matter Experts
Star performers, master salesmen — really any kind of subject-matter expert (SME) — know what they know based on years of experience. They’ve seen many situations, solved many problems. From a training perspective, the value these experts bring is their developed understanding — not only of what they do, but, more importantly, why they do...
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SAP, Oracle, ERP… Oh My!
Mass Collaboration Learning SweetRush
This year, it started with a tweet: Nobody knows who it comes from and nobody knows why: for the third year running, though, a mystery puzzle of dazzling proportions has thousands of computerphiles scrambling to decode messages buried in pictures, literary works, and music, using high-tech cryptography programs. Real-world QR code clues have surfaced in...
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Foreshadowing and climax are two storytelling techniques used for complex simulations.
If you’re an instructional designer who loves a good novel or a compelling movie, writing for complex simulations gives you a great opportunity to flex your own creative writing muscle. The first part of your job, of course, is to get a firm grasp on the business drivers, the performance gap, and the training objectives,...
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