Adobe Flash Player Fix Correction

On May 1, 2013 Adobe released a small statement on their community forum, acknowledging a problem with the current version of the Flash Player, and suggesting the workaround. You can read the entire statement and the follow-up discussion thread, but it all boils down to the following:

If you happened to install the 11.7.700.169 or 11.7.700.179 versions of Flash Player 11, you may experience problems with some instances of video and audio streaming. Most typically the issue manifests itself by cutting the audio off in the first few frames, while still playing the video or animation, if it exists on the page. If you hit the pause button, and then play again, the audio will sound normal.

Since then, the issue has been fixed, and the follow-up version of the Flash player 11.7.700.202 has proven to be stable. (The latest Flash player is always available on the Flash Player download page.) The faulty player had about 30-day life span, and we hope that you were not affected in any way. To all our clients: if you have experienced any SweetRush-authored content affected by this, please do let us know and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

That said, your chances of encountering this bug were pretty slim. In fact, in order to notice anything at all, you had to:

  • Update your Flash Player to the current version during the second half of April, or the first half of May 2013.
  • Use an audio-based Flash course and land on a page where audio was used in a specific way. (We use different audio techniques in our courses, and therefore not all instances of audio use were affected.)

But if you were among the few lucky, the easy fix is to update your Flash player immediately by either going to the Adobe Flash Player download page, or by talking to your IT department or reaching out to us if you need assistance.

Though this issue was minor, we are very glad that this is over and that Adobe was able to right the wrong in a short period of time. Still, in an age where Flash is in a battle with other mobile-friendly technologies, this issue, minor at it may be, did not do Adobe any favors. Here at SweetRush we continue to explore the landscape of tools and new technologies, both externally developed and in–house, as we keep pushing the technological and creative barrier of e-learning. Technology is enabling dramatic change in how we are able to deliver courseware, and yet with rapid change, from time to time there are speed bumps. It’s never a dull moment, and these are exciting times in the world of performance improvement!

Photo Credit: Tinneke2011 via Compfight cc