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In discussion recently with a client of mine (a pretty hot Silicon Valley high-tech company), we talked about the problems they were having attracting and retaining talent. They mentioned losing talent to FANG (Facebook-Apple-Netflix-Google), and what caught my attention was how often the term “talent war” was repeated throughout the conversation—so much that at some...
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Attracting, vetting, selecting, hiring, and on-boarding temporary learning and development talent: should you do it yourself, or hire a staffing vendor? This post is a segment from our free eBook: How to Interview Temporary Talent for Learning and Development Positions. Download it today! This post was co-written by SweetRush instructional designer Tim Coffey. So you’ve...
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If you want to remodel your home, sometimes hiring an individual, such as an electrician or a plumber, is the right thing to do. However, if you have a larger project that requires a team effort and lots of coordination, then you will likely want to hire a contractor and a crew. After speaking to...
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