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The new editorial creation compiles the best content written by Catherine Davis, Instructional Design Practice Lead, in her articles published on and

SweetRush Inc. is pleased to present the new eBook How to Be a Rock Star Instructional Designer: Learn the ropes from a corporate training veteran and supercharge your career! written by Catherine Davis, SweetRush’s instructional design practice lead. The eBook was written to inspire and encourage all instructional designers interested in taking their careers to the next level.

Each section of How to Be a Rock Star Instructional Designer covers different aspects of the job, and offers insights, tips, and strategies the author has gained in her experience in various roles (in-house corporate, vendor, and freelance).

“Behind the scenes, leading, guiding, coaching and mentoring our instructional design rock stars, is Catherine Davis, an industry veteran and consummate instructional designer. That’s why I am so excited to share her new eBook. It’s a collection of her best advice for advancing your career as an instructional designer, and becoming – or staying – the rock star instructional designer you want to be,” said Andrei Hedstrom, SweetRush CEO and co-founder.

The eBook comes with “extras” (or “bonus tracks”), including:

  • An infographic to discover which type of rock star instructional designer you are.

“This eBook has an eLearning combined with an instructional design freelancer tilt, though I do also touch on blended solutions for instructional designers who design, present, or collaborate with other facilitators,” commented Catherine Davis, instructional design practice lead at SweetRush and author of the eBook. “I’m passionate about helping IDs improve and succeed in the business, and I hope IDs of any level will get a gem or two that will immediately impact their instructional design careers.”

How to be a Rock Star Instructional Designer is available to download on