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  • To be surrounded by smart, hard-working, and caring people?
  • To feel proud of the work that you do?
  • To make a difference and positively affect lives?
  • A truly supportive team culture?
  • A dynamic, growing, cutting-edge company?

“My journey at SweetRush so far has been great. Hit the floor ‘walking fast.’ Lots of fantastic people, processes, and projects. I love the challenges and love seeing the new courses as they come out!”
— Chantal Dumas, QA Manager

“One of the best companies to work for! I’ve had such positive experiences. The support and sense of community is amazing! I’m right where I should be!”
— Trina Jones, Project Manager

“The team environment is great. Even though we’re not sitting in the same physical location, the collaboration and support I’ve experienced has been amazing!”
— Krisa Brilliantes, Creative Director

“What I’ve learned about SweetRush people is that they are smart, quick, collaborative, fun, hard-working, patient, and creative. The thing I’ve learned is to ‘just ask,’ and SweetRush people will go out of their way to help you figure out how to accomplish whatever you need to accomplish. Amazing!”
— Heidi Bruins Green, Performance Consultant and Instructional Design Contractor

“I love working with the SweetRush team! Everyone I have worked with has a high level of professionalism, expertise, strong work ethic, and quality leadership. I have a great amount of respect for all I have worked with and I have enjoyed projects that are challenging and push me to be my best.”
— Steve Chamberlain, Instructional Design Contractor

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Solution Architect

The Solution Architect (SA) joins a small team that leads SweetRush’s business development initiatives and partners closely with SweetRush team members to define all aspects of new training projects, including the learning solution and budget and project plan, to address client needs, challenges and constraints. This individual embodies and presents SweetRush’s capabilities and develops all documentation to win and initiate new projects, with the ultimate goal of designing brilliant solutions for our client’s challenges and converting client inquiries (RFPs) to closed business.

This is the ultimate position for someone who is a consummate instructional designer and project manager, as it embraces all Instructional Design and Project Management skills. This individual must love to craft solutions and to strategize and ‘win’ in competitive bidding situations. This individual is also great at building individual and organizational trust quickly by providing client centered consultation that includes facilitating connections between the client and various SweetRush team members. This individual is also a great presenter who, by their voice, presence and intelligence, immediately engenders trust with clients on the phone or in person.  This individual must enjoy this work and bring a sense of humor and a calm demeanor in the face of timeline driven challenges.

The SA is involved ‘up-front’, crafting solutions, and in this capacity will affect a significant number of projects. However, at some point you will hand off the project to the project team, so you will not be hands on in further development . Being consultative and impacting a lot of projects, but not doing the actual development  must be appealing  to you.

Responding to RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and crafting client solutions can be a demanding job that often is timeline driven and exists within the context of ‘competition.’ Does this energize you or stress you out? If it energizes, read on!

The Solution Architect’s responsibilities and activities include:

Consulting and Solution Design

  • Applying understanding of instructional design approaches combined with SweetRush’s capabilities and expertise to create and define solutions to clients’ training challenges and needs
  • Leading scoping meetings with clients to ascertain their needs; asking appropriate questions in order to gather information to propose a solution and documenting responses
  • Providing real-time recommendations and consulting to clients to engage them, fuel discussions and built trust and rapport
  • Leading internal discussions regarding new projects and defining the solution with assistance from internal team members
  • Embodying and representing SweetRush’s values of partnership, fairness, creativity and customer service
  • Participating in scope, price and timeline negotiations by revisiting any of these areas at the client’s or business development lead’s request and providing consultation on what might be altered within the solution while still keeping it feasible and effective; consulting with other team members on various aspects of the solution if needed to make these judgments

Work Effort / Timeline Estimation / Planning, Presentations and Documents

  • Estimating work effort for the solution using sophisticated SweetRush developed calculator tools combined with input from team members
  • Producing a high-level or detailed project plan (as appropriate) based on the client’s timing requirements, standard deliverable turnaround times and input from team members
  • Writing comprehensive proposals outlining proposed solutions and tying back to SweetRush’s levels of interactivity;
    • assigning specific proposal writing assignments to team members as appropriate and editing/shaping their language to fit with the overall tone;
    • incorporating boilerplate or previously written proposal sections while maintaining the overall tone and ensuring that no legacy or inaccurate information is included
    • formatting all written solution and proposals to be graphically appealing and clear
  • Creating demo websites, using our demo website format, which are customized to accompany proposals or to move client conversations forward; identifying the most relevant portfolio pieces to share with clients while keeping privacy needs in mind
  • Leading the development of and participating in capabilities presentations
  • Leading RFP response efforts which typically embrace all of the above activities on a larger scale and often with shorter timelines
  • Writing Statement of Work (SOW) contracts based on approved proposals
  • Consulting on appropriate resource assignments based on project and client needs

Transition and On-boarding

  • On-boarding (or handing off to) project managers, instructional designers, creative directors and technical leads assigned to projects on the project details, including any observations to date on key client players
  • Attending initial meetings with clients as appropriate to provide continuity in the transition from scoping phase to project kick-off
  • Ensuring that the appropriate SweetRush team leader is engaged and informed at all stages as appropriate, and that they have the high-level solution information packaged in a way that he/she can easily make decisions about pricing and price negotiations

Project Management for Business Development

  • Participating in weekly internal business development meeting and ensuring the CRM is up to date
  • Determining next steps and deadlines at every stage and ensuring both you and other team members meet those requirements

Account Management for Business Development

  • Work closely with other business development professionals and project managers to develop and manage accounts, including implementing client pursuit and reengagement strategies
  • Proactively (time permitting!) identify and qualify sales opportunities with existing clients
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients 
  • Develop strategies that support existing clients and that identify, educate, and capture new points of contact within existing clients
  • Meet with key decision makers and develop networks at all levels within existing clients

Key Attributes:

  • Understanding of instructional design approaches and ways to map learning objectives to levels of interactivity
  • Project management expertise, particularly the ability to engage team members and keep them on task in their contributions to deliverables and the ability to follow a standard process and make modifications as needed to achieve the best results
  • Ability to create a solid proposed solution from which a contract can be created, without needing to do a comprehensive content analysis, for which there is often not enough time or information
  • Excellent client and account management skills
  • Ability to present capabilities demonstrations and training solutions using appropriate technology in group and virtual settings
  • Experience in successfully participating in and conducting business development campaigns, using resources, and developing relationships with targeted decision makers
  • Highly professional demeanor in all communications; ability to speak in a clear, concise manner on client calls and in presentations
  • A sense of humor and a calm demeanor in the face of challenges others might find stressful
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills; ability to juggle multiple projects and prioritize effectively
  • Resourcefulness in times of resource limitations and ability to wear multiple hats
  • Joy in developing long term relationships with team and clients.

Requirements (minimum):

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Instructional Design or related field (minimum!).
  • 7+ years experience in training/learning field – with a strong understanding of all aspects of blended learning solutions, and intimate understanding of elearning
  • 5+ years experience working in a consulting environment
  • 5+ years experience working in a client-facing capacity.
  • Experience in or orientation towards business development
  • Expert level with MicroSoft Word, Excel and Project

We are experiencing significant but controlled growth, hence our need for our 5th Solution Architect!

We have managed, largely via referrals and marketing, (we do not have salespeople!) to attract a great group of clients, and we anticipate quite a bit of continued growth in 2017.

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Freelance UI Designer

SweetRush is looking for a user interface (UI) designer who lives and breathes for UI and is convinced that proper UI is how the best companies stand above the crowd.

We don’t cut corners, and we don’t make compromises—we create beautiful e-learning experiences that are polished and contribute seamlessly to our clients’ bottom lines.

Sounds like you've found your dream job?

As a UI designer, you’ll participate in the production of visual concepts and designs for digital courses, websites and applications, gamified solutions, and much more!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Brainstorming and development of digital/interactive solutions
  • Creation of multiple solutions, thinking through all possible user scenarios
  • Creation of graphic interfaces that address both user and business goals
  • Production of multiple screens and assets
  • Creation of other graphic materials, such as infographics, e-mails, banners, etc.
  • Maintenance and enforcement our clients' design guidelines
  • Preparation of style guides
  • Sharing your knowledge and skills with your fellow teammates as a way to improve the results of the team
  • Additional duties as assigned


  • 2+ years of verifiable experience as a UI designer
  • Outstanding, flexible, creative, stylish design skills
  • Obsession with crafting simple, intuitive, and delightful designs
  • Conceptual and visual problem-solving skills
  • Experience working within existing brand guidelines
  • Solid portfolio demonstrating expertise in the design of intuitive and user-friendly interfaces in web and mobile projects
  • Proficiency with design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, etc.)
  • Medium to advanced understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, as well as some JavaScript chops

Soft Skills:

  • Impeccable communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to analytically defend your design decisions
  • Deep empathy for your users
  • “Roll up your sleeves” attitude to getting things done
  • Self-motivated and passionate about learning
  • Neither scared of giving, nor receiving, constructive and honest feedback 
  • Excellent time-management and organization skills
  • Ability to juggle various projects and meet tight deadlines
  • Perfect written and spoken English

This is a virtual position and is open to candidates within two or three hours of the U.S. Central time zone (UTC/GMT -6 hours) or who are willing to work during the business hours of these time zones. This is a remote position, meaning you will not be commuting to an office, and so you must have your own office setup.

 If the opportunity to help create SweetRush’s next amazing e-learning experience is a challenge you’ve been waiting for, we definitely want to talk! 

Upload your résumé and include a link to your online portfolio demonstrating the relevant skills required. Don’t forget to include your desired hourly rate. If we like your materials, we’ll ask you to show us your dance skills via a virtual interview. Be prepared to talk through a few projects and the role you played in making them amazing. 

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Creative Director

Passion for BIG creative ideas… Check.

Strong digital background… Check.

Have a big-picture vision, highly organized, and can roll up your sleeves to get into the details… Check.

If you checked all three above, we definitely want to talk!

We are looking for a top-notch Creative Director to help us develop learning programs, from early concepts to world-class training experiences.

You will be responsible for delivering creative solutions and leadership to a wide range of design projects, teams, and multimedia projects, ranging from e-learning, ILT, web, brand/print, games, and app design.

This is a virtual position and is open to candidates within two or three hours of the U.S. Central time zone (UTC/GMT -6 hours) or who are willing to work during the business hours of these time zones. This is a remote position, meaning you will not be commuting to an office, and so you must have your own office setup.  

Role responsibilities: 

Project management

  • Participate in the early stages of projects (planning, scoping, brainstorming)
  • Manage and direct the creation of all graphic elements of a project (graphic styles, libraries, guidelines, mocks, etc.)
  • Create and present engaging client presentations
  • Understand and work with budgets
  • Review and provide creative feedback to project documents (budget, statement of work, and project plan)
  • Provide guidance for the creative allocation needs of projects
  • Provide any creative solutions, as needed, ensuring they meet with budgets and timelines
  • Creative review of storyboards to align with project expectations: provide feedback and be sure they are ready for production
  • Creative review of final products to assure quality

Team management

  • Oversee and guide Production Leads to successful project production
  • Direct the production of graphic assets as needed
  • Direct team members to work efficiently with clear guidance as to budget and timeline
  • Work with the Creative Lead to improve and create work processes as needed
  • Provide oversight to and encourage growth and improvement in team members


  • 5 years of experience directing multimedia, gaming, and/or mobile projects
  • Full understanding of multimedia/interactive terminology and products
  • Experience directing teams and interacting with and presenting to clients
  • Portfolio showing samples of your work (projects) that clearly specifies the tasks involved and how many people you managed in each
  • Strong, organized problem solver and multitasker
  • Ability to generate creative ideas
  • Fluent English proficiency
  • Availability to travel (U.S. citizen or Visa available, incl expiration date)
  • Advertising and print experience are a plus

​If the opportunity to help create SweetRush’s next amazing training experience is a challenge you’ve been waiting for, we definitely want to talk! 

Upload your résumé and include a link to your online portfolio, demonstrating the relevant skills required. Don’t forget to include your desired hourly rate.

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Information Architect

Brief Description

If you are passionate about the world of information environments and have a deep understanding of the art and science of conceptualizing websites, mobile apps, web applications, and the systems running underneath, then we have an exciting opportunity for you.

We are a creative team dedicated to serving our clients well and making the world a better place through eLearning. We are looking for an experienced information architect to join us.

You would work with our clients, content strategists, and creative directors to produce positive and effective user experiences by determining information structures.


This is a remote job opportunity, open to candidates who are within 2–3 hours of the US Central time zone (UTC/GMT -6 hours) or are willing to work during these hours. This is a remote position, meaning you will not be commuting to an office, so you must have your own office setup.


  • Meet with clients and collaborate to find information architect solutions.
  • Conceptualize and define the structural and navigational elements of large corporate intranets, web pages, mobile applications, and other digital products.
  • Conduct user research to inform the content and structure of information deliverables (and approach research depending on budgetary constraints).
  • Translate product requirements into workflow diagrams, user scenarios, flowcharts, sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes.
  • Ideate and brainstorm solutions by analyzing available content and developing taxonomies, labeling systems, categories, structures, data flows, and metadata schemes.
  • Help identify and define requirements for search systems to support browsing through client datasets.
  • Facilitate information and data management, including development and documentation of content migration tools and processes.
  • Validate proposed solutions via usability testing, user feedback, etc.

Required Skills

Relevant experience:

  • 5+ years of verifiable experience as a client-facing information architect (experience redesigning corporate intranets is a plus) 
  • Expertise in wireframing and prototyping tools (for example, Axure, InVision, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, Flinto, and others)
  • Experience leading projects  
  • Experience creating documents to present architecture and development processes
  • Experience working with creative directors and software engineers to develop and implement information architecture specifications
  • Portfolio of work that verifies your 5+ years’ experience as an information architect

 Soft skills:

  • Ability to analytically defend your work decisions
  • Deep empathy for your users
  • Always receptive to constructive and honest feedback
  • Excellent time-management and planning skills
  • Perfect written and spoken English 

Are you up to the challenge?

Submit your application through the link below. Upload your résumé and include a link to your online portfolio or previous projects. Tell us something about your work—perhaps which of your projects is your favorite and why. Don’t forget to include your desired hourly rate.

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Voice Over Talent

Are you an experienced voice actor or actress? We’re looking for passionate and talented voice-over professionals for a variety of high-profile e-learning projects.

Our ideal candidates:

  • Record narration and simple character parts in a natural, conversational style

  • Communicate well and reply quickly to inquiries

  • Are flexible with recording deadlines

  • Have access to professional-quality recording equipment

  • Can receive live direction over Skype or phone

We’d love to hear your voice on our next project, so send us your demo reel and introduce yourself!

P.S.: Please attach your voice over demo reel on the first application page (Upload Resume/CV) in the "Optional" field.

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Power Point Expert Designer

Are you the creative expert who puts their magic into presentations? We are looking for an experienced and innovative Presentation/Graphic Designer to join us. You will be working alongside a team of the best artists, developers, and designers and enjoy the support of a company whose culture is centered on making learning a fun game.


  • Create engaging and creative presentations in PowerPoint.

  • Apply various brand style guidelines to presentations.

  • Execute clean designs, applying standard design basics including alignment, consistency, readability, contrast, etc.

  • Create infographics, icons, and other visuals in Illustrator to export to and that are editable in PowerPoint (using OpenOffice™ or another tool).


  • 3 years’ experience working in graphic design (a portfolio is required)

  • Experience using PowerPoint® to create high quality designs for high-level visual presentations:

        - Use of master pages to create templates that are easy for the project team to reuse

        - Animations and transitions

        - Any other PowerPoint capabilities that make presentations more interactive

  • Use of PowerPoint to create basic infographics that are easily editable within PowerPoint

  • Understanding of sizes and best resolutions depending on monitor or projector use

  • Experience optimizing PowerPoint files sizes

  • Understanding of how to interact with files (wide screen, standard size, saving in different formats, etc.)

  • Understanding use of color and fonts for optimal readability

Software Knowledge:

  • PowerPoint

  • Adobe Illustrator®

  • Adobe Photoshop®

​​​​​​​Experience creating templates with styles as well as out-of-the-box designs within Word® documents.

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Freelance 3D Generalist

For the past 14 years, we at SweetRush have been obsessed with delivering unique e-learning experiences. We combine innovative game play, cutting-edge technology, and stunning visuals to create award-winning e-learning solutions that take our clients’ businesses to the next level. We are dedicated to enabling our clients for success, and to achieve that we need the best and brightest talent the industry has to offer.

We are looking for an all-out, animation-lead rock star to join our creative team. You will be tasked with the management of 3D asset development for a specific project.


  • Leading the production team and directing 3D artists to complete and deliver all the assets necessary to develop accurate and quality work consistent with the storyboard and aligned with the project’s scope.

This role requires a generalist with senior-level experience in the entire 3D production pipeline, including modeling and animation of avatars and environments. It also requires experience in post-production work, including rendering assets and compositing the final shots in Adobe After Effects to create consistency and optimized files for render.

Required skills:
  • Autodesk® 3ds Max
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Video/ audio editing software
  • Render farm experience (not required, but nice to have)
Soft skills:
  • Strong communication skills
  • Robust organizational skills, including ability to break down scripts and assign shots
  • Proactive leadership skills to direct the team and produce the best and most-effective results
Type of employment:

This is a contract position that could turn into a long-term commitment for the right person.

 This is a virtual position open to candidates within two to three hours of the U.S. Central time zone (UTC/GMT -6 hours), or those willing to work during our business hours . This is a remote position—meaning you will not be commuting to an office—so you must have your own office setup: your own hardware, software, and an excellent Internet connection.

 If the opportunity to help create SweetRush’s next amazing e-learning experience is a challenge you’ve been waiting for, we definitely want to talk!

Upload your resume and include a link to your online portfolio or reel, demonstrating the relevant skills required. Don’t forget to include your salary requirements or hourly rate.

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Don’t see the right position listed? Don’t go away, please apply here!

If you are extremely talented, take ownership for your work and are a team player we’d greatly appreciate if you’d send us your resume, even if you don’t see an open job post that’s right for you.

Our core custom learning and development business has been growing and growing since 2001 and we are continually adding new skills to the team. In addition, our Talent Solutions team is always looking for good people to work directly with our clients. So, lots of possibilities.

When we need a new super talent to join the team the first thing we do is turn to our database, so if you apply and submit your resume now, we’ll be able to find you when the need arises.

If you are talented of course you can find a job, but we know the challenge is finding the right job, with a company and team that feeds your soul as well as your pocketbook. We greatly appreciate this journey and how difficult it can be, and we truly wish you great success.

And we do hope we have the chance to work together in the future. So, please do apply!

Wishing you well,


The SweetRush Team

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