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    Relational Recruiting vs. Transactional

    “We are RELATIONSHIP RECRUITERS! What does that mean?
    We build long-term relationships with amazing talent in the L&D space.  The first time we interact with you, chances are high that we don’t have the right fit for you.  But, you will hear from us when we do. It may be the next week or the next month, or the next year.  We value the relationships we build with each candidate. Transactional recruiters focus on the placement. We focus on the PEOPLE!”

    Ann Cathers, Talent Acquisition Lead

    What can you expect in
    our Interview Process?

    1. We will treat you like a human being
    2. You will hear from us even if we don’t interview you
    3. You will always know where your candidacy stands
    4. You will never be left on “hope island”. We notify you when a position is filled, canceled, or put on hold.
    5. Our typical interview process follows these steps:

      • Phone Screen
      • Review Portfolio
      • Assessment
      • Interview with the Hiring Manager
      • And in some cases interview with the client and/or additional team members
    “In Learning and Development and in life in general: Good begets good and we're better together... I believe that. I practice it in every way, every day. I love putting the right people together for success. I am a purple squirrel finder and a rainbow unicorn whisperer! Every day I wake up and want to make a difference in someone's life, job, and relationships with clients and that drives me to to listen, share, and coach best practices whenever I can. It's hard to find rewarding work that compensates fairly and offers a culture of caring like we do here at SweetRush.

    Aiding others in finding their next job, work-home, or consulting project is my passion and as such, I treat people with the kindness and respect I hope to receive. I always want to make a positive impact and leave people, places, processes, and work better than the way I found it! ”

    Cathy Sands, Talent Solutions Consultant

    What is our Employee Value Prop?

    What makes us: 



    Our consistent performance from our Custom Learning and Talent Solutions (L&D staffing).  Check out our Awards!



    SweetRush is innovative and collaborative and we constantly strive to stay ahead of the learning and technology development curve



    The secret to our success is that we aspire to achieve greatness in all that we do.  But we know that we cannot do that without each other



    The differentiator is that we really care as much as we say we do. We know we are not perfect. We work really hard with DEIB initiatives and offer a work home where we trust and support one another.

    Candidate Experience Quotes:

    Kirsten, Program Manager / Learning Project Manager:

    "Even when we had a lot of work coming through... it was more about the fit... and although it took more time, it was such a thoughtful approach to aligning the skills, capacity, and values for SweetRush, the client, and me."

    “In the context of what I'm used to as a contractor, SweetRush does not feel like you are "just a contractor"... I felt very supported."

    "In this culture of the gig economy, and quiet quitting, and even loud quitting... It's about being a value add and building a reciprocal relationship. I was looking for value in my life and I'm finding that with SweetRush."

    Lena, Digital Marketing Subject Matter Expert:

    "As a marketing consultant, I connect with many companies and talent solutions teams. The SweetRush approach really stood out as I could feel a true interest in precisely matching the consultant's expertise with their client's project as well as the culture fit with the brand's vision. My first contact, Cathy Sands, made me feel genuinely welcome from the first interview. She also made sure my team onboarding would go as smoothly as possible with an outstanding process in place, always combined with a kind in-person support. What a pleasure to collaborate with partners like SweetRush. Cathy's wonderful sense of human contact and talents' well-being makes her one of the people you remember!"

    Jessica, Instructional Designer:

    “My interview process with SweetRush was fantastic. I connected with the recruiter, Cathy on LinkedIn to discuss an opportunity that I saw for an instructional design position in an industry that I had experience in. Once we met online, we discussed how their client was looking for a candidate with experience similar to mine. It was a great match! I met with the client and they chose to move forward with me. Everything was very timely and I was excited to begin working with this client through SweetRush.

    Everyone I’ve worked with at SweetRush has had a very positive outlook. I meet monthly with Cathy, and she always is willing to help if I ever need any assistance. SweetRush is an excellent company to freelance through, as they provide support as you’re working with clients. I highly recommend working with SweetRush!”

    Sergio, Marketing Producer:

    “SweetRush is a door of opportunities to discover new experiences and grow in both ways, professionally and personally. I am beyond excited and grateful for the future in the company. We provide not just the highest excellence and quality of our services but also the biggest desire to impact the world positively with inclusive, multicultural and equal solutions.”

    Ashley, Clients Solutions Specialist:

    ““I had been interviewing with various companies, but none of them seemed like a good fit. The interviewers didn't seem enthusiastic or were distracted. As someone who worked in public education, I began to question where I belonged in the field of Learning and Development. However, I finally found SweetRush, which was hiring for a contracted role. As I explored their colorful and inclusive website, I had a strong feeling that this was the place for me.

    During my first interview, I felt like my life was turning a corner towards something magical. Ann was a kind and easy interviewer to talk to, and she provided a comfortable environment for me to express how my skills would transfer to corporate L&D. This interview process allowed me to be my authentic self and validated that I belonged there. This process felt thorough from both sides, with ample opportunity for me to ask questions and provide examples of how my skill set would fit within the role.

    A month away from my one-year SweetRushversary, and each day feels like showing up to a safe space where dreamers are also business professionals seeking a better world for our future.”

    Want to read more reviews?

    What Makes SweetRush Unique


    Make time
    Our generous annual leave policy, plus public holidays, and end-of-year shutdown means no burn-out and plenty of time to pursue your passions.


    Be well
    Our employee-led BeKind program provides opportunities for you to take a quick time out from work to practice meditation and yoga. We also run monthly challenges for those with a more competitive streak. 


    Be proud
    Our Partners-in-Pride team promotes and celebrates DEIB initiatives all year round.  


    We’re global, baby!
    A fully remote company means we can hire the best of the best from all over the world. And you can work from anywhere in the world!


    Plant a tree or two
    (or a thousand).

    We’re committed to green business and sustainability. By partnering with La Maestra, a reforestation initiative in Costa Rica’s Limón province, we’re working toward a goal of carbon neutrality.  


    Work anywhere
    SweetRush has been 100% remote since 2009, meaning you work from home, or anywhere you like, knowing that we’ve got the remote working thing down.


    Enjoy your birthday with an extra day off on us!


    Plan ahead
    Future-proof yourself with our company pension/401K plan.* 


    Be healthy
    Gain peace of mind when you need it most with our health insurance benefits.* 

    *Health insurance and pension benefits are available for US and Costa Rica employees only.

    Diversity at SweetRush

    Diversity is so important to everyone who works at SweetRush.  There was a collective awakening after the murder of George Floyd.  Organically Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) started forming.  To date, we have Race & Representation, Partners in Pride, Neurodiversity, Accessibility, and Making Space (body positivity).  Our diversity numbers have improved, but we are not where we want to be.  There is work to be done and it is always top of mind for the entire Recruiting team. 
    Race & Representation
    In our Race & Representation Group, we come together with open arms to embrace the beauty of different cultures and uplift voices to shine.

    The Race & Representation ERG celebrated Black History Month this year by inviting SweetRush employees and freelancers to join a Chat that had a daily post celebrating Black Americans.  Members of the ERG posted music, art, history, current events, and anything else that moved them.  It was truly an organic celebration and the engagement was off the charts.  Read more about it in our BHM LinkedIn Post
    Partners in Pride
    The heartwarming embrace of our LGBTQ+ Affinity Group, a loving space where all shades of love and identity flourish.
    Together we explore innovative ways to make the world more accessible, spreading kindness and understanding every step of the way.
    A welcoming haven where all minds are celebrated for their beautiful differences. Together we raise awareness and share best practices, ultimately supporting each other's growth and understanding.
    Making Space
    A supportive and cozy corner where we celebrate every body, just as it is. We're here to spread smiles and encourage a world of self-love and confidence.
    Diversity Data
    We're on a colorful journey to reveal insights, diving into the numbers with excitement and thoughtfulness, in order to create a community that's bursting with diversity and fairness.
    Gender Equity
    A place filled with kindness and camaraderie, where we work together to create a world where all genders shine brightly!
    Human-Centered Culture of Caring is about people’s passions, dreams, and well-being while engaged in doing great work with SweetRush!”

    Edward Garcia, Talent Solutions Consultant

    Examples of how we give back
    to our communities

    Current Openings

    We appreciate your desire to be proactive and contact us directly via email or LinkedIn. But...please do not. We just do not have the bandwidth to respond to everyone. Our process works well, and if you apply via this page, and if your skills line up with a need we have, we will reach out. We'd greatly appreciate you following this process!

    Your contact information is necessary to SweetRush’s recruitment process. We respect your privacy and will treat your personal information as confidential. Please review our Job Applicant Privacy Notice to learn how we keep your data safe.

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