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Are you searching for a dynamic solution to enhance your Learning and Development teams?

When your staffing partner also creates custom learning solutions, the advantage you get is a real understanding of the work you do and what talent will best fill your needs. And also you get options: Partner with us for custom development, and we'll handle everything from start to finish; or, opt for our talent acquisition service, and we'll place skilled professionals directly into your team.

With years of experience shaping the right team for every project, we excel at finding superior talent, onboarding, and mentoring for success.

We've got a diverse team of Learning and Development pros all set to rock your projects. Whether you need a project manager, LMS administrator, or eLearning whizzes, our crew is ready to tackle your needs and make sure your learning initiatives shine.

We are thrilled to be able to help our clients with their talent-management challenges.

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Rodrigo Salazar

Director of Talent Solutions

Rodrigo Salazar leads Talent Solutions services at SweetRush, where he and his team work with clients to help them find talent and augment their teams in learning and development, a people-centric field that impacts all lines of business within the enterprise. In previous roles, Rodrigo discovered that it is the people and by extension the team that really is the driver for and enabler of business success.

Today he focuses on the world of talent management: how teams are built, how individuals are taught to perform better at their jobs, and how engaged, motivated people are the secret formula organizations need to thrive.

On a personal note: "My business orientation and my interest in people came together and found a home when I landed at SweetRush. Our culture of caring and the authentic voice with which we speak have created an environment that allows my team and me to do right by our clients and our talent. It is indeed a sweet spot!"

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