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SweetRush was founded by Andrei and Arturo in 2001.

Knowing the hardships most early-stage businesses face, the founders set a course they hoped would ensure success and sanity.

Follow their course below and see how SweetRush was shaped into the company it is today.

Finding Our Niche

They established principles about talent (only world class), attitude (caring and committed), and overhead (stay lean). During the early years, our work focused primarily on strategic marketing consulting and web development. Then, the founders steered the company to the world of performance improvement and the design and development of learning and communications solutions.

Keeping People Happy

Along the path, we developed a solid client base and an extremely high level of client satisfaction and retention. The same is true of our employees: When you work with us, you can expect to encounter the same folks year after year.

Making Ourselves Better

Our business helps others change and improve; we would be remiss to not apply these same efforts to ourselves. In this light, we continually improve the services we offer, and we innovate our way into new areas, such as gamification, mobile, staff augmentation, and applying ourselves in the sustainability movement.

Finding Success

We attribute our success to our caring and committed attitude and the depth of capabilities we offer, as depicted on this site: a unique combination of instructional design, project management, multimedia and graphic design, and engineering. With a solid track record of success since 2001, SweetRush has evolved into a powerhouse of consultative services and custom content development. We know from our clients that we deliver a unique product few vendors can emulate.

Looking Ahead

The performance-improvement industry is robust and growing. Helping employees improve at what they do is a business imperative as we further transform into an economy that is based on human capital. All of us at SweetRush look forward to continued growth and to helping our clients meet new and exciting challenges as they drive their associates and organizations toward greater success.

How Did We Come Up With The Name SweetRush?


During the dot-com days and the frenzied URL land rush, our cofounder, and chairman, Arturo Schwartzberg, secured the name SweetRush. He had conjured the name and simply liked it: “sweet” and “rush” being an interesting pairing of words, with complex texture and meanings.

When Arturo and Andrei Hedstrom, our other cofounder, first conceptualized the company, Andrei gravitated to the name. Each time Andrei asked friends about the proposed name, they smiled, and that response won him over.

And yet, some concerns were raised: Would it resonate with our intended corporate clients? In the end, they agreed the name is memorable, represents their shared values, and simply made them and others feel good.

Why "Sweet"?

It’s hard to imagine today—given the ubiquitous and even unavoidable presence of sweeteners of all kinds—that a few hundred years ago, people rarely had the chance to taste something sweet. And when they did, it was an overwhelmingly delirious event. So when we use “sweet” in SweetRush, we do so referring back to that feeling of ecstasy. In Michael Pollen’s brilliant book The Botany of Desire, he speaks to the intoxication of sweetness. From day one, we have infused sweetness into our culture. It manifests in all we do and how we treat each other. We hope that anyone who connects with SweetRush feels this cultural underpinning.

Why Sweet? Illustration
Why Rush? Illustration

Why "Rush"?

Rush has two meanings, and both work into the mix. “Rush” means to do something quickly—as we are often asked to step up and move quickly to accomplish project goals. The other meaning of “rush,” in the vernacular, is a flushed, strong, and heady feeling. When combined with “sweet,” as in a “sweet rush,” the sweetness is enhanced…like a fresh breeze on a hot day. This worked for us—and it’s how we want our clients, and ourselves, to feel. Over time, we have come to appreciate our name even more. It fits us perfectly, and constantly reminds us of things we value.

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