Involved in the interview process?

Charged with building or
augmenting a team?

This is a read you won't want to miss!

Choose once, choose right! Choose once, choose right!

Find valuable tips and best practices for interviewing
temporary talent from SweetRush Talent Solutions team.

The SweetRush Talent Solutions team will show you:

Why interviewing temporary talent is different than full-time hires

How to manage and what to expect from the interview process

How to ensure your candidate has the ideal skills and is the perfect cultural fit

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Why read this eBook?
Arturo Schwartzberg
Chairman, Co-Founder
“The interview only provides you with a brief glimpse of the candidate before making the critical hire decision. Having conducted thousands of interviews, we've gotten pretty good at choosing the person who is the right fit. It was enjoyable to distill our thoughts on the art and science of the interview for this eBook.”
Arturo’s passion for people, culture, and team-building means having your best interests at heart, a philosophy that shapes our Talent Solutions team and the way we work with both clients and job seekers.
Rodrigo Salazar
Manager, Talent Solutions
“Every client I speak to has different needs, and the talent we work with are all different, and I just love the process and challenge of finding perfect matches where everyone wins.”
Rodrigo knows that it is the people and, by extension the team, who really drive and enable business success. Through building teams, he helps unlock the secret formula organizations need to thrive.
Jo Coulson
Learning & Development Professional
Jo Coulson
Learning & Development Professional
“I've experienced the way SweetRush goes about interviewing and queuing up talent, and the magic they bring works. Though I have a lifetime of experience building teams, this was a great read I've already recommended many times.”