Change Management

These days, we are all navigating the rapids of change. Your job entails helping others in your organization make required—and desired—changes. Do that, and you will be successful!

It’s no longer enough, however, to simply supply information. You need to shift mindsets, authentically tap into your audiences’ needs, and establish a process for collecting feedback and addressing concerns. We know from experience that change management can play a significant role in helping people adopt change.

If you’re looking for expert support or guidance for your change management efforts, we are ready to help. We can take on individual deliverables or holistic engagements and assist with planning, execution, and measurement. Read on to learn more.

Change Management


Your internal training initiatives are significant investments that are crucial to your organization and personally important to you. Think of change management as “salt” added to a dish. Adding salt is not costly, and salt is not the main dish, but it can dramatically enhance and improve the dish (your project). When we work with you to define your main project, we will offer efficient and tactical ways to enhance its effectiveness. In other words, we’ll add a little salt to your dish.

Change Management

Holistic Elements

Sometimes you are called on to orchestrate change management to support a significant change in the organization. In this case, change management is the whole dish, not just the “salt.” You’ve experienced a merger, changed your accounting system, or are about to use a new sales paradigm, and you need to ensure this change will be accepted and effective.

We are ready with end-to-end change management plans to help you navigate change. We are experienced working with our client partners (you) and can support you in augmenting and facilitating your vision for change. And, if appropriate, as part of our Talent Solutions service, we can also help you add staff members who will support your change management effort.


Ashley Munday
Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation

As Director of Cultural and Organizational Transformation, Ashley skillfully navigates complex human dynamics and charts a clear course forward, integrating executive team mission, vision, and strategy with leadership development and communications planning. As a strategist, facilitator, consultant, and coach, Ashley has worked with corporations and communities to transform culture through a systems approach and the power of values. Her work has been featured on Deepak Chopra’s radio show; in Forbes, Fast Company, and South Africa’s The Star; and at TEDx and leadership consortiums globally. A true believer in life balance, Ashley spent a month studying with Tibetan Buddhists. She also adores hiking through tree-covered mountains with her husband and son—and scouring fashion magazines, too. Passionate about strategic planning, Ashley thrives when creating concrete and measurable results that support an organization’s mission. Above all, she cares—deeply and compassionately—for others.


Organizational change management
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