large_scale_header_bg Running large-scale training projects often requires multiple teams working simultaneously on multiple deadline-driven deliverables. That requires orchestration, and communication and consistency are the keys to success. Changes in content, approach, or timelines in one team can have a ripple effect on other teams. Our large-scale projects often have four to six project managers reporting up to one program manager. The program manager acts as the orchestra conductor — using collaboration tools, scheduled structured reporting, defined escalation paths, and frequent meetings to make sure that everyone stays in sync and on target. We have the experience, tools, and talent to plan and manage your next large-scale project, and we look forward to showing you how.


Key Aspects of Program Management
Large-scale projects require a larger pool of resources to meet the desired deadlines. An efficient way to organize team members is into smaller project teams responsible for specific deliverables. A project manager oversees each small project team, and the project management team reports to a single program manager.

These project teams work concurrently, sometimes on similar deliverables—approaching similar tasks and facing similar challenges. How do you ensure everyone is doing things the same way and sharing the best solution to each problem across teams?

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Project managers, their teams, the program manager, and project management teams hold regular status meetings. The program manager then holds a regular meeting with the client counterpart to discuss the high-level status, milestones, challenges, and solutions.

The program manager works with the client to establish templates, tools, and processes for each phase of the project, as early in the project as possible. The program manager then disseminates tools and information to the project managers and project teams, ensuring a consistent approach and format for each deliverable across the project.

Project managers share challenges the project team faces, which might range from difficulties in accessing subject matter experts (SMEs) to technology issues. The program manager’s role is to collaborate with our clients to solve these challenges and establish best practices, then share the knowledge with the project managers. Similarly, if the program manager becomes aware of a project delay, he or she can recalibrate the project plan and communicate the adjustments to the project managers.

Through communication with the project managers and spot-checking deliverables, the program manager can catch any team or resource that may be headed off track. By reinforcing the message of consistency and providing guidance or training, the program manager can get the team back on track and minimize any negative impact on client resources.

Tools, Templates, and Process
Collaborating with our client team, the program manager looks to develop tools, templates, and processes as early as possible in the project. In our experience, the best efforts come when the client and the vendor-partner share and merge their templates to create the best of both worlds.

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Your Best Practices
Tools, Templates, Processes
Vendor-Partner Best Practices


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