m_learning_header_bg What is “mobile” and what is “m-learning”? Seemingly simple words take on so many meanings. But here at SweetRush, we have a way of simplifying ambiguous technology terms. In our world, “mobile” means tablet or smartphone, and “m-learning” means using these devices to deliver training and performance support to your audience. We help you identify the right platforms, and then design, build, and test your solution so it works precisely where and how you need it to work. Want to create new m-learning? Or, perhaps you have materials that you want to convert to m-learning? No problem. We can help you make the right call.

Your Mobile Learning Strategy:
TOP 5 Things You Need To Know

Android or iPhone? Flash or HTML5?
These are important decisions, but even more critical (and key to helping you make the right choices) is making sure you have a solid mobile learning strategy. Scroll down to reveal our top 5 considerations.

M-learning can serve as a facet of your overall training strategy but, to be effective, it must be used appropriately. Do your employees in the field need refreshers on-demand? Do you want to keep your associates on the floor, yet still deliver training they need? Does your staff keep missing important messages or reminders? Begin by examining your need, and keep m-learning in mind as a solution.
Identify people whose jobs already depend on mobile devices. These groups will be more prepared to take advantage of your m-learning offerings. Assess management readiness—do you have the buy-in to support m-learning initiatives? Cultural considerations may come into play as well, as m-learning for informal or social learning may not succeed without an established culture of sharing and collaboration.
When it comes to attention and retention, the same rules apply: Engage your learners and keep them focused. The mobile platform offers convenience and a good fit for on-the-go learners. But with less control over the learner’s physical environment (out of the office and into the world), it’s likely that distractions will increase. Using multimedia (e.g., video, audio, and animation) and native user interface features of some devices (e.g., touch and swipe) are just two examples of how to keep learners engaged.
We call it nano-learning—small, distinct learning solutions that focus on one learning objective. Learners need more targeted training that will help them at the point of need. With foresight and careful planning, you can simultaneously design a course for e-learning and performance support for m-learning by considering how you chunk the content.
Start with the why (business drivers), who (audience), what (learning objectives), and how (ways to engage) before you get to the where. Your company policies, internal support, and infrastructure will also factor into the decision. With so many devices, operating systems, and authoring tools available and primed for launch, having a clear idea of your needs will help you choose the right path.


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We recently held a webinar about mobile learning consulting, and we received some great questions from the participants regarding our mobile learning experience. To answer your questions, we reached out to the experts! Director of Engineering and Technology Misha Milshtein, QA Manager Susan Gravel, Solution Architect Erin Krebs, and our speakers, Manager of Instructional Design...
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At a party recently, I noticed that the kids were missing. My mom instincts kicked in, and, slightly concerned, I asked one of the fathers where his son was. His answer only required one word: “iPad.” Sure enough, the kids were huddled around a game, having a great time, clicking and swiping to their hearts’...
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Mobile Learning Strategy Tablets Smartphones
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having your cake and eating it too designing for multiple mobile devices
This week, I’ve been partnering with a large client in a couple different areas of its organization. One group within the organization is developing a very hip and visually interactive game to teach sales associates about the company’s products. The other group is developing a simple mobile application that’s essentially a product catalog listing the basic features...
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Training gen z
As the present now Will later be past The order is rapidly fadin’ And the first one now will later be last Cause the times they are a-changin’ —Bob Dylan Bob’s right. Times indeed are a-changin’. In the fine tradition of the generations before us, we shake our heads at the generations to follow and...
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Being an e-learning professional is not exactly like being a firefighter or an astronaut, but we also share the basic human need of appearing as heroes to our children. Or at least showing them that our work is not just “staring at a computer screen and drinking coffee all day,” as my 10-year-old daughter gently...
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Articulate M-Learning E-Learning Authoring Tools SweetRush
If you are looking to push creative and functional envelopes in your e-learning and m-learning courses, you need rapid development and custom development authoring tools that don’t disappoint. Here are three reasons we applaud Articulate—a company that’s doing things right for the e-learning and m-learning industry. Quality over Hype: Giving Thanks to Articulate for E-learning...
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Nano-learning Learning On Demand Strategy Solution eLearning Performance Support
As learning and performance improvement consultants and developers, we see trends emerge across the landscape of our client base, despite vast differences in the products and services they offer. We see workforces becoming more dispersed and virtual teams an acceptable norm. We see organizations looking to reduce training costs and accelerate new-hire orientation through online...
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watch out for the weak handshake during your virtual interview
In the famous infographic “What You Wish You’d Known Before Your Job Interview,” the authors skillfully recite the well-known, long-established facts and statistics about what managers are looking for in job candidates, what questions are most likely to be asked, and what pitfalls to avoid. Most of us are no strangers to the topic, having had...
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Designing for a New Generation of eLearning
As a designer, it’s easy to make pretty pictures. Now try making designs that go deeper. “Deeper how?”, you may ask. Certainly we perceive things visually, but the factors that motivate us and help us interpret those designs have more to do with the content. At the intersection of instructional design and visual design are...
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If there is a place for learning and development professionals to look forward and discover what is at the forefront of their field, it’s DevLearn in Las Vegas. Learning professionals—whether they are new to the industry or seasoned veterans—gather for three days each fall for an event filled with more than 250 sessions in 10...
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mobile learning solutions
As demand has increased for mobile learning solutions, so have the options for authoring tools! I recently wrote a piece for eLearningIndustry.com to help bring some clarity to this decision. Here are a couple of highlights: These days we can put tools into two categories: tools that create learning solutions that are designed for the...
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One of the most popular questions coming from our clients in relation to Storyline-authored content is about offline viewing options. The reasons for such requirements vary. For example, one of our clients is deploying a healthcare-related series of courses in Africa, where at least a portion of the target audience may not have access to...
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31+ Mobile Learning Tips for Instructional Designers
There’s a shift happening in the world of instructional design, and the new kid in town is mobile learning. Well, he’s hardly the new kid anymore—he’s set up shop and customers are pretty excited about what he’s got to offer. Learning anywhere, anytime? Sign us up! As the instructional designer next door, you are in...
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Three considerations for mobile learning mlearning so you don’t get burned.
I love fajitas. Vegetarian fajitas, beef fajitas, shrimp fajitas… all fajitas. I love them at home, on the road — and even better at our local, completely un-authentic Mexican restaurant. When fajitas are served, the waiter always reminds you not to touch the plate. This is smart, because those suckers are HOT! Hungry yet? Good,...
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Convertible tablet laptop
So, the technological tides are turning again, and something that is not so new is making its return, but now the timing is different. Do you own a convertible yet? Do you know what a convertible is? If not, what are you, from 2011? Convertibles are simply your Windows PCs that can function as both...
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Tips for Training Millennials
In our workplace today we see three primary generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials. Gen X, the generation sandwiched in between the Boomers and the Millennials, is only half as big as the Boomer generation. As Boomers retire, there will only be “experienced” workers to fill half of those positions. This means Millennials will...
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