We want your first introduction to SweetRush to set us apart, so we put you in the capable hands of an experienced consultant, not an order-taker.

Every day, our Solution Architect team embraces fascinating client challenges, each with unique business drivers, learners, and constraints. We provide engaging capabilities demonstrations, ask the right questions, give you options, frame up effective learning solutions, and put you on the road to success. We work hard to provide you and your team with clear, concise project plans and proposals so you have a crystal-clear view of the path forward. As ambassadors of our culture of caring, we represent the depth of experience, expertise, creativity, strategy, and innovation you’ll find on our team. We are always here to help!

Thought Leader: Erin Krebs- Director of Client Solutions



Erin Krebs
Director of Client Solutions

As Director of Client Solutions, Erin heads up our talented Solution Architect Group. She brings a whip-smart ability to capture the big picture and the details, and then craft solutions that are better than you imagined. Erin holds a master’s degree in learning systems design and development, and is a certified professional in learning and performance. She’s both a speaker and author on numerous topics, specializing in learning techniques for Millennials. Bringing expertise in both instructional design and project management, she’s the ultimate consultant for your projects. Erin asks the questions you hadn’t thought of yet, and answers the ones you have with a calm clarity. She’s creative, and yet practical — which is why she enjoys both cake decorating and running (a perfect fit, she says!). With Erin on the case, you can be sure to get an innovative solution that really does work for your audience, your resources, your timeline, and your budget.



Tip 1

Provide a detailed organizational structure for the response, and identify specific points the vendor should cover in each section.


Tip 2

Allow your vendor-partners to ask questions during the process. They may not fully understand the requirements and need clarification.


Tip 3

Be sure you’re giving your vendor-partners enough time to respond! Two weeks is a reasonable time for responses; provide more if you’re issuing a Request for Information (RFI) with many general questions or a larger Request for Proposal (RFP).


are getting
apples and oranges
from different vendors, making it hard to compare their offerings.


Tip 1

Allow opportunities for open-ended responses and elaboration. Simply providing a table to fill in a budget estimate won’t allow you to see what each vendor is offering.


Tip 2

Provide budget guidance, or ask for different options at different price points. No matter how creative the solution is, it’s a non-starter if it doesn’t fit in your budget.

Tip 3

Be as specific as possible about the core requirements, such as your preferred delivery modality and seat time. Then provide space for vendors to submit other supporting ideas.


Tip 1

If you have a large group of reviewers, designate a core team to review the responses and report back to the larger group.


Tip 2

Articulate the criteria by which responses will be judged, and consider developing a point scale. Communicate these criteria within the RFP so vendors can organize their responses to simplify scoring or your reviewers.

Tip 3

Identify the primary stakeholder who can make the ultimate decision if there is a conflict of opinion.


Tip 1

Offer training sessions prior to each RFP release to ensure that your internal staff and vendors know how to use the system.

Tip 2

Provide regular opportunities for your internal staff and vendors to provide feedback on the stumbling blocks they faced when utilizing your system.



After the project is awarded, meet with the companies who did not win and tell them why. Be candid—was it the price, solution, or the quality of the response? The brief amount of time you spend will be invaluable to future vendor-partners.


The Learning Rush Alert
We love to share, and our goal for 2018 is to continue spreading our knowledge and inspiring the learning and development community with blogs, articles, and conference presentations featuring interesting topics, best practices, and tips to help learning professionals create successful solutions. Let’s begin 2018 by getting some inspiration from the best 17 learning articles...
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At SweetRush, we often use analogies when speaking to clients about projects. Home decorating is one of my colleague’s favorite analogy themes. John-Carlos will often say things like, “That would be like me trying to decorate your living room before I’ve even been to your house.” Meaning, we should get to know you—your brand, culture,...
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Engage Cross Generational Workforce
Let’s say we’re on a call to discuss a new performance improvement project. One of the first questions I’ll ask you is, “Who is your audience?” You might be able to give me a narrow demographic—age range, reading level, preferences, etc. But increasingly you may find yourself reflecting on a particular role and the multigenerational...
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Software Evaluation 5 Steps to Pick a Winner
This article is inspired by a task that fell to me recently: To recommend an adequate-to-perfect project management organization (PMO) solution for our company. I will deliver my recommendation soon, but even more interesting to me is analyzing the evaluation process itself and establishing a model for future exercises of the same nature. Step 1....
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Using game features, such as badges, keep learners engaged during training.
Drag-and-drop. Multiple-choice. Matching. These tried-and-true activities have become the staples of e-learning. To me, they’re kind of like the coat and shoes you use to walk the dog: They have their place, serve a purpose, and get the job done, but they shouldn’t be your first choice when you need to really dress to impress!...
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having your cake and eating it too designing for multiple mobile devices
This week, I’ve been partnering with a large client in a couple different areas of its organization. One group within the organization is developing a very hip and visually interactive game to teach sales associates about the company’s products. The other group is developing a simple mobile application that’s essentially a product catalog listing the basic features...
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If You Build It and It’s Not Mandatory, Will They Come?
I’ve been working with a client this week who is seeking to develop a training program for an audience that is in no way required to participate in the program. I’m not going to get into the details of the client: Let’s just say that they manufacture luxury widgets, and they distribute these widgets through...
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shifting from customer service to customer experience its a good thing
When we as individuals engage with our clients (both internal and external), we can provide great customer service just by taking responsibility for our own actions. But how do we ensure that we offer our customers an amazing experience from an organizational level? Let’s start by getting a handle on these terms. Customer service, according...
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Training gen z
As the present now Will later be past The order is rapidly fadin’ And the first one now will later be last Cause the times they are a-changin’ —Bob Dylan Bob’s right. Times indeed are a-changin’. In the fine tradition of the generations before us, we shake our heads at the generations to follow and...
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Designing E-Learning M-Learning Tablet PC SweetRush
At a party recently, I noticed that the kids were missing. My mom instincts kicked in, and, slightly concerned, I asked one of the fathers where his son was. His answer only required one word: “iPad.” Sure enough, the kids were huddled around a game, having a great time, clicking and swiping to their hearts’...
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Social Learning Shared Experiences
Learning in the workplace has always had a strong element of “social.” Think about being walked through the office on your first day by a new colleague. Or tapping the shoulder of your officemate to ask a question, and getting a quick response so you can continue your work. Think about how many challenging problems...
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Nano-learning Learning On Demand Strategy Solution eLearning Performance Support
As learning and performance improvement consultants and developers, we see trends emerge across the landscape of our client base, despite vast differences in the products and services they offer. We see workforces becoming more dispersed and virtual teams an acceptable norm. We see organizations looking to reduce training costs and accelerate new-hire orientation through online...
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Using Social Media in Classroom Learning
Instructional designers: Do you have a “friend” in Facebook? Integrating social media into performance improvement is a hot topic, but how do you make sure your techniques get plenty of “likes” from learners? ASTD’s T+D magazine featured an article by Dan Steer, Improve Formal Learning with Social Media (note: you must be a member to...
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Too Sexy for Your Training: Creating A “What’s In it for Me?” (WIIFM) When Your Learners Couldn’t Care Less
Two integral parts of any large change within an organization are gaining buy-in for the change and developing internal change champions. As a strategic partner to our clients in helping foster behavior change within their organizations, we believe effective communications around the change are essential for buy-in and success. We can make the best training...
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a costly mistake skipping the needs analysis phase part two its worth the investment and is not as complex as it may seem
In my last post on needs analysis, I covered some of the reasons clients want to bypass the analysis phase and head straight to training development: lack of time, budget, or resources certainly top the list. Another reason clients are wary of analysis, however, is because they simply don’t understand what it entails. In that...
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Tips for Training Millennials
In our workplace today we see three primary generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials. Gen X, the generation sandwiched in between the Boomers and the Millennials, is only half as big as the Boomer generation. As Boomers retire, there will only be “experienced” workers to fill half of those positions. This means Millennials will...
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mobile learning solutions
As demand has increased for mobile learning solutions, so have the options for authoring tools! I recently wrote a piece for eLearningIndustry.com to help bring some clarity to this decision. Here are a couple of highlights: These days we can put tools into two categories: tools that create learning solutions that are designed for the...
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McDonalds Monopoly Learning Game Designers
Anybody out there a closet McDonald’s® MONOPOLY™ player? I’ve been out of the Midwest for several years now, but nothing beats a fresh brewed iced tea and a good one is hard to find on the West coast. While I’m not a big McDonald’s fan for a variety of reasons, come MONOPOLY season, there is...
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Business Case eLearning Approval Buy-in
By now hopefully your company’s leadership team has bought off on the concept of e-learning as a cost-saver. We know it reduces time spent off the job, eliminates costly travel costs to attend instructor-led training, and allows us to learn the same amount of content in a shorter amount of time. But what do you...
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Three considerations for mobile learning mlearning so you don’t get burned.
I love fajitas. Vegetarian fajitas, beef fajitas, shrimp fajitas… all fajitas. I love them at home, on the road — and even better at our local, completely un-authentic Mexican restaurant. When fajitas are served, the waiter always reminds you not to touch the plate. This is smart, because those suckers are HOT! Hungry yet? Good,...
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AVAC and SFDPH engaged SweetRush to develop a five-course blended learning program on Good Participatory Practice guidelines.
The flowers are blooming, the grass is greening, and if you’re like my husband your allergies are flaring. Ahhh, Spring is in full swing! And according to Al Roker this morning, for most of us summer has arrived, too. As you settle into your Spring and Summer routines, I invite you to stop by and...
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Gaining executive buy in
You’ve done your homework and research, and designed a training program that you know will bring positive business results to your organization. Your team and immediate supervisor have weighed in, and you have a plan ready to put in front of the C-team. How do you make a pitch that works and has you looking...
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a costly mistake skipping the needs analysis phase part one the value of needs analysis
In my role heading up the Solutions Architect Group here at SweetRush, my team is regularly contacted by clients that have important and urgent training projects. Anytime our team receives a request for training, we get excited to learn more: the “who,” “what,” and “why” behind the request. In information-gathering sessions, we aim to collect...
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Job Aids… and If You Need Them
In a recent training class that I am attending, I received the most perfect “job aid” to take home with me and apply “on the job” in the coming months. You see, my husband and I are in training to become parents of a newborn, and the job aid we received in class last week...
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