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Multitasking Productivity Efficiency
By now we all are used to the fact that the things we like, enjoy, and come to rely on will sooner or later prove to be damaging, unhealthy, and just bad for us in some way, shape, or form: coffee is bad, milk is questionable, computers are deadly, TV is brainwashing our children, and...
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Articulate M-Learning E-Learning Authoring Tools SweetRush
If you are looking to push creative and functional envelopes in your e-learning and m-learning courses, you need rapid development and custom development authoring tools that don’t disappoint. Here are three reasons we applaud Articulate—a company that’s doing things right for the e-learning and m-learning industry. Quality over Hype: Giving Thanks to Articulate for E-learning...
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authoring tool LearnDash WordPress LMS
This research is brought to you by SweetRush’s senior software engineer, Andrew Kubay, who was given the task to investigate this newcomer to the LMS scene as a potential inexpensive alternative. Given our experience with WordPress as a content management system, we were intrigued! What Is LearnDash? Simply put, LearnDash is a WordPress plug-in that...
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Convertible tablet laptop
So, the technological tides are turning again, and something that is not so new is making its return, but now the timing is different. Do you own a convertible yet? Do you know what a convertible is? If not, what are you, from 2011? Convertibles are simply your Windows PCs that can function as both...
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SweetRush Test Drive Captivate 7
This research is brought to you by SweetRush’s senior software engineer, Andrew Kubay. For those of us in the e-learning and m-learning space, and especially for those who regularly rely on Adobe products, it is impossible to ignore Adobe Captivate. For the past several years, this tool has been one of the most popular software...
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Smartsheet Project Management Software in the Cloud
As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been looking for a suitable PMO solution for our organization. But even before I began my evaluation frenzy, a wonderful, hidden jewel came to my attention. Before long, I was almost (but not completely) in love with Smartsheet. Before I justify my positive reaction to this software...
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Adobe Flash Player Fix Correction
On May 1, 2013 Adobe released a small statement on their community forum, acknowledging a problem with the current version of the Flash Player, and suggesting the workaround. You can read the entire statement and the follow-up discussion thread, but it all boils down to the following: If you happened to install the 11.7.700.169 or...
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Mobile Filibustering, or How to Present When You Have Little to Say
Do Google Chrome Extensions Increase Productivity?
With the multitude of business, communication, development, and design tools that I and my colleagues use on daily basis in our ever-changing industry, one piece of software definitely stands out as the one we use most. I am, of course, talking about web browsers — the true workhorses of the cloud-dominated digital world. The web...
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Software Evaluation 5 Steps to Pick a Winner
This article is inspired by a task that fell to me recently: To recommend an adequate-to-perfect project management organization (PMO) solution for our company. I will deliver my recommendation soon, but even more interesting to me is analyzing the evaluation process itself and establishing a model for future exercises of the same nature. Step 1....
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Watch Out for the Weak Handshake During Your Virtual Interview