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Danielle Hart

Danielle Hart


Introducing Our New CEO!

We’re proud to introduce you to our new CEO, Danielle Hart, who will be leading SweetRush into a new chapter of change and transformation, deepening connections, and strengthening our unique culture of caring.

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How Can We Help You?

Your people need to change and improve so that your business can thrive. Helping you accomplish this is what we do. Explore how via our five services below.


Bespoke training solutions

We’ll embrace your business challenge and develop a unique solution that connects with your target audience.

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Staff augmentation for L&D

Do you need a temporary pro to augment your team? Our talent pool is ready to help.

Find New Talent


Immersive tech for learning

VR, AR, AI, apps, and deep-dive technical solutions. Curious? Let us show you how these technologies can work for you.

Immerse Your Learners

SweetRush Voice Over (SRVO)

Voiceover made easy!

Find your perfect voice, submit a script, and our expert audio team will handle the rest. Our natural, human voices will connect with and captivate your audience.

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Support for nonprofits and foundations

Non profits, we stand in awe and applaud what you do! We love applying our craft for good, so please come
talk to us.

Amplify Your Impact

Choosing a vendor is a serious decision.

You deserve to secure a long-term collaboration with a vendor you can trust—and this relationship will have a direct impact on your success. We know that engaging a new vendor is not easy and takes time and effort.

Choosing a vendor

This makes who we are as important to you as what we do.


We are creative, love what we do, and are driven to make a positive impact.


We are caring and committed. This is our culture, woven into our DNA.


We take our responsibilities very seriously, and yet believe in feeling good.

Discover the SweetRush Way

You deserve award-winning solutions.

You deserve a vendor with remarkable breadth and depth.

Let’s collaborate and create

engaging, effective, award-winning learning programs together.

Content development and gamification award image
10 Years!
Top Custom Content Provider
Learning Provider image
Immersive Learning
VR, AR, AI Experts
Top staffing award image
TOP 20
Staffing and Temporary Resources
Training Industry
Virtual reality award image
8 Gold CLO Awards
VR, Games, eLearning

Breadth & Depth

Excellence Awards 2017-2023
  • Analysis, Curriculum Design & Evaluation
  • Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy
  • Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy
  • Best Program for Upskilling Employees
  • Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development
  • Best Results of a Learning Program
  • Best Advance in Learning Measurement
  • Program Design & Development
  • Best Use of Blended Learning
  • Best Advance in Learning in the Flow of Work
  • Best Hybrid Learning Program
  • Best Certification Program
  • Best Association Professional Development Program
  • Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program
  • Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program
  • Best Program to Improve Individual Development Planning
  • Best Advance in Succession and Career Management
  • Learning Technology
  • Best Advance in Global Accessibility Standards
  • Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation
  • Custom Content Design & Development
  • Best Advance in Custom Content
  • Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning
  • Best Use of Mobile Learning
  • Best Use of Performance Support
  • Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning
  • Best Use of Video for Learning
  • Best Use of Virtual Worlds for Learning
  • Subject Matter
  • Best New Hire Onboarding Program
  • Best Learning Program That Supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Best Advance in Leadership Development
  • Best Sales Leadership Development Program
  • Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Program
  • Best Development Program for Frontline Leaders
  • Best Sales Training & Performance Program
  • Best Unique or Innovative Sales Training Program
  • Best Sales Training Program for Extended Enterprise
  • Best Sales Onboarding Program
  • Best Advance in Compliance Training
  • Best Learning Team
  • HCM Citizenship

News & Events

We love to share our resources, events, and latest news!

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Learning and Development IsChanging

Your learners want to learn.

Access to information 24/7, ubiquitous media, and the connected world. Your rapidly changing audience wants to learn, but not in the same old way. This shift, riding on a wave of technology, is fueling transformation in our industry.

The challenge is to connect.

You can help your business thrive, but the training you provide must be creative and innovative, and it must resonate with your audience.

Be proud of the work you do.

How fortunate we all are to be in this craft in a dynamic time of change. Together we can bring engagement to the classroom. Leverage gamification, mobile and microlearning, virtual reality, and emerging technologies. Develop branding, marketing, video, and performance support. Create ecosystems that reinforce continuous learning. We can solve real business challenges, and help the world be a better place.

Elevate your L&D

Talent Solutions


Don’t think of us as recruiters, but as team builders. Like you, we do this work, so we understand your needs and how to place the right talent to fulfill them. And we back up our talent like no traditional recruiting firm can.

Find Top Talent from our L&D Pros
Annie Hodson

Annie Hodson

Chief Client Solutions & Marketing Officer

You have a challenge, and we have a wealth of experience designing and developing effective custom learning solutions for clients like you. Let’s explore options and see if we are the right fit to help you be successful. Please reach out.

Contact Annie