Bayer and SweetRush Partner to Launch Three Innovative Learning Programs

San Francisco, Calif., November 27, 2023 — Bayer, a global leader in health care and agriculture, and SweetRush, a leading provider of custom learning solutions, announced the launch of three award-winning, innovative learning programs: JumpStart, Rise & Thrive, and the Enhanced Approach to Potential Identification (EAPI). Combined, these programs have extensive reach and impact throughout Bayer, and they have been honored with 20 learning and development awards, including 10 awards at the recent 2023 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards.

“I love engaging with the Bayer team—their unwavering commitment to exploring the extraordinary empowers us to deliver exceptional results,” said John-Carlos Lozano, SweetRush Chief Creative Officer.

JumpStart uses cutting-edge learning technology to create a more engaging and immersive new hire experience that solves the pain points of virtual onboarding. Working together, Bayer and SweetRush created the JumpStart onboarding portal to: 

  • Welcome new hires in the critical moments between offer acceptance and Day One on the job.
  • Unify the process of onboarding, enrolling in benefits, and learning about Bayer’s culture, history, mission, and innovations.
  • Provide a Bayer-exclusive social network that introduces users to fellow new hires and helps them form friendships that make work meaningful.
  • Offer just-in-time nudges and invitations to live virtual learning events.

Bayer and SweetRush Partner to Launch Three Innovative Learning Programs

The JumpStart and Rise & Thrive (below) learning programs were led by Renee Landry, Bayer North America Learning Lead. “Bayer JumpStart, Bayer’s new onboarding portal, created an exciting experience for our new hires. We developed a solution to increase new hires’ sense of connection and belonging in a creative way,” said Landry.

At the 2023 Brandon Hall Group awards, JumpStart received two Gold awards for learning technology implementation and innovation, and an award for Best New Hire Onboarding Program.

Rise & Thrive is a one-of-a-kind, dynamic development program for Bayer’s leaders. Recognizing that new skills, behaviors, and mindset shifts were needed to lead in the “new normal” of hybrid work, Bayer, SweetRush, and Third Factor collaborated on a groundbreaking learning program. 

Bayer, SweetRush, and Third Factor learning program.

Rise & Thrive features:

  • A focus on the foundations of habit-building: triggers, actions, and reflection on outcomes
  • A unique and innovative combination of microlearning, TED Talk-style videos, Spotify playlists, and weekly “curiosity” dares
  • Bold new concepts and actionable best practices that leaders can immediately implement to inspire their teams, build trust and inclusivity, balance and prioritize workloads, and empower every team member

Rise & Thrive features

In the words of one participant, “As a manager, I have been to training classes, I have read hundreds of management books, and I have had a personalized coach, but [Rise & Thrive’s] are the most articulate, bite-sized, and helpful real-time management training/coaching pieces that I have ever had. Each one has inspired me to go back, slow down, and focus again on doing the basics well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Rise & Thrive received two Gold awards for leadership development and development program for frontline leaders, and an award for Best Learning Team for Bayer, SweetRush, and Third Factor.

Enhanced Approach to Potential Identification (EAPI)

Blending the latest talent management thought leadership with tried-and-tested industry best practices, the Enhanced Approach to Potential Identification (EAPI) is a process and methodology that enables Bayer leaders to identify the potential of its employees accurately and consistently.


EAPI is helping Bayer prepare for the workplace of tomorrow

Fully integrated with the company’s talent management strategy, EAPI is helping Bayer prepare for the workplace of tomorrow as it feeds into the company’s succession planning and talent review processes. A comprehensive leadership toolkit, developed collaboratively with solutions-partner SweetRush, ensures the methodology is applied consistently by leaders across the organization with step-by-step instructions and clear guidelines for its correct application.

“We at Bayer had a vision for identifying potential that needed to transcend borders and cultures—not an easy task for any company, but especially not easy at a 100,000-person company. SweetRush has been a great and successful partner in supporting us to implement the enhanced approach for Potential Identification across 83 countries with a very creative, interactive, and well-designed self-learning approach in eight different languages,” said Nicola Bianchi, Global HR Head of Product Supply at Bayer.

EAPI and the Leadership Toolkit received four Brandon Hall Group awards for succession planning, leadership development, and competencies and skills development.

“Our Bayer partners have a creative mindset and seek solutions that are innovative and appealing to their learners—and these are our ideal clients,” said Danielle Hart, SweetRush Chief Brand Officer. “Creating three award-winning, break-the-mold learning programs speaks to how deeply they care for their learners and their dedication to the art of learning and development. We always look forward to our next collaboration!”

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