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We love to share, and our goal for 2018 is to continue spreading our knowledge and inspiring the learning and development community with learning articles, blogs, and conference presentations featuring interesting topics, best practices, and tips to help learning professionals create successful solutions.

Let’s begin 2018 by getting some inspiration from the best 17 learning articles published in 2017 on our website and other media. Enjoy!

For Learning and Development Professionals Who Create Learning Solutions

Learning Predictions for 2017

SweetRush thought leaders and experts predicted the trends in corporate training and instructional design in 2017. Check out this infographic, which summarizes these predictions. Our 2018 trend predictions are coming soon!
Read more: Infographic: 2017 Instructional Design Trends

What “Agile” Means for SweetRush

Esteban Cascante, SweetRush Project Manager, shares what “agile” means for our company.
Read more: Agile eLearning Development: Let’s Have That “Agile” Conversation

Vision Requires Innovation

Learn from SweetRush Solution Architects Annie Hodson and Lisa Van Damme what it takes to create a visionary learning strategy.
Read more: What Makes a Visionary Learning Strategy?

Inspired by Willy Wonka: Key Uses for Mobile Job Aids

The Oompa Loompas’ efficiency inspires Kate Hixson, SweetRush Solution Architect, to write about the key uses for mobile job aids.
Read more: Like the Oompa Loompas Do? Mobile Job Aids for Performance Support

The Importance of Accessibility in eLearning

This Training Industry article discusses why it’s vital that organizations embrace accessibility in eLearning.
Read more: Why Accessibility Matters and How Innovation Will Drive Progress in L&D

Best Practices in Developing Corporate Training for Retail Associates

SweetRush Director of Client Solutions Erin Krebs, covers the five best practices to consider when developing corporate training for retail associates, published in Training and Development Excellence magazine.

Keep Learners Motivated When Delivering vILT

It isn’t difficult for learners to lose attention sometimes, especially in a virtual classroom. Learn five key tips to keep them engaged and motivated.
Read more: 5 Virtual Classroom Essentials Τhat End Multitasking

Choose the Right Tool for Mobile Learning

There are a lot of authoring tools for mobile learning solutions. Lauren Granahan, SweetRush Solution Architect, breaks down the important considerations to make when choosing the best one for your training.

Be the Hero of Your Large-Scale Learning Program

Erin Krebs, SweetRush Director of Client Solutions, shares the essentials that will make you a hero when developing a large-scale learning program.
Read more: Secrets of Successful Large-Scale Learning Programs

Tips for L&D Design

SweetRush’s design team offers some practical tips for creating content for learning and development professionals in this eLearning Guild eBook about design and inspiration.
Read more: 233 Tips on Graphics and Visual Design

For Learning and Development Professionals Who Augment Their Teams with Temporary Talent

Always Consider a Specialist

Sometimes you need a learning and development professional to fill a temporary role in your department. When you need help, call on a specialist to find the right fit!
Read more: Why You Need a Specialist to Find the Right Learning and Development Consultant

The SweetRush Way of Sourcing

Discover from Ann Cathers, Talent Solutions Consultant at SweetRush, what our secret is for attracting top talent.

Read more: Our Secret Sauce in Sourcing Learning and Development Talent

Three Basic Steps Before Implementing Change Management

Prepare your leaders and employees by following these key steps before making changes in your workplace.
Read more: A Simple Guide to Effective Change Management

Consider Culture

If you need new talent on your team, be sure to consider the culture of your workplace. Cultural alignment is an important aspect to consider and can make a difference in performance outcomes.
Read more: When Hiring Temps, Be Sure They Are a Cultural Fit

If You’re Interested in Reading About the Importance of Culture

The Importance of Socializ Face to Face with Coworkers

A family trip to Costa Rica inspires Shane Donahue, SweetRush Creative Director, to write about the importance of face-to-face contact when working for a virtual company.
Read more: Breaking Through the Pixels: Reaching Out to Coworkers in a Virtual Company

Achieving Work-Life Balance Via Remote Work

Melissa Chacón, SweetRush Talent Sourcer, shares the perks of working from home and discusses how her SweetRush role became a life-changing opportunity.
Read more: How Working from Home Changed My Life

Empathy: a Powerful Word

This is a powerful article! Trina Jones, SweetRush Project Manager, tells her story about how love and being light with each other makes the SweetRush tagline “We care” a reality.
Read more: A Personal Story of the Power of Empathy in the Workplace

Hope you enjoy the reading! We wish you a very happy, productive, and outstanding 2018!

We’re gearing up to publish more great learning articles this year, on topics including 2018 trends, emerging technologies for the learning and development community, hiring temporary talent, and culture and values. Stay tuned!

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