SweetRush's Talent Philosophy for L&D Staff Augmentation

A company’s approach to how it engages potential employees speaks volumes about its culture and values. And how your company treats applicants plays a surprising role in how your brand is perceived. It’s not just who you choose to hire, but how you treat every single candidate who touches and is touched by your organization.  

SweetRush is an award-winning learning and development vendor and we are always growing and seeking new talent for our own work and also for our clients who need contingent labor /  staff augmentation.  Our culture is unique and we try hard to be humane and considerate, and we always try and think about the 99% of candidates who, despite their qualifications or potential, are not the candidate who is brought on to fill the position. This mindset is a reflection of our core values and to our commitment to being respectful and caring with everyone with whom we interact. 

We always do our best to respect the journey of each candidate and by acting in this way,  which seems so basic, we constantly hear from candidates that we go beyond the norm. We so wish this was the norm! 

SweetRush’s Interview Philosophy

At SweetRush the way we interview is different. We take a holistic approach that focuses not just on skills but on nurturing relationships and we try really hard to honor every individual’s journey. We always try our best to see beyond a resume or an interview performance. 

We are equally interested in acknowledging the human element in the hiring process and we understand that each interaction leaves a lasting impression on the candidate and how they feel about us. When we hire talent (instructional designers, project managers, or any other L&D professional) to be placed in a staff augmentation capacity as part of our client’s team, the way we treat these professionals also reflects on our client’s company. 

With this in mind, we work hard to handle each stage of the interview process with utmost care and professionalism, so it reflects well on us and it reflects well on our client. 

When we engage an instructional designer for a client’s project, for instance, the respect and support we offer them throughout the hiring process are not only  SweetRush’s values in action – they are, by extension, a demonstration of our client’s commitment to respect as well. Securing talent and enabling them for success is a multi-faceted art form and how they are treated at every step of the recruiting process has a direct effect on their mindset as they enter a new client engagement. 

The Art of Respectful Rejection

Our method of candidate rejection also goes beyond the typical ‘no, thank you’ email or even worse, no email at all. Sometimes we hear from candidates who have not been selected for a screening that our rejection email was the nicest rejection email they’ve ever received.  The reason?  It’s because we always try to express empathy. Then there are times when we extend gestures like a gift card to candidates who have been through a lengthy interview process but don’t make the final selection.  This approach is rooted in our belief that every candidate, regardless of the hiring outcome, deserves appreciation for the time and effort they have put into the interview process. These small acts of appreciation and kindness speak volumes and make all the difference.  

It’s our hope that with each candidate who for whatever reason is not selected, we act in a way that leaves the door open for future possibilities.  By doing so, we turn what is a disappointing moment into what hopefully feels more like a step forward for each candidate. All this is not easy to achieve, but we try and the trying itself is again felt and appreciated. 

By treating candidates in this way, we hope they become ambassadors of our brand, even when they were not hired for the position.  And let’s not forget many candidates may be qualified but there is only one job opening. We hope each candidate leaves with a positive impression of SweetRush, sharing their experience with their network and potentially reapplying in the future when another opportunity arises. This approach enhances our talent pool and also strengthens our reputation in the industry as a company that truly cares, which we do!

When Talent Management Works

Our holistic and humane approach to talent management has been one foundational reason we have become a successful L&D staff augmentation vendor, able to secure high-performing talent for our learning and development clients. But, to make a successful match it is also essential to understand and value the nuances of each candidate’s hard and soft skills, and at the same time have a nuanced understanding of the client’s needs. It’s always a challenge to attract and nurture top talent and match that talent to the specific requirements of the position, also taking into account the culture and values of all parties!

We know the work we do is important and often mission-critical. One way our clients are able to meet deadlines when they are resource-constrained is with staff augmentation talent. For clients facing tight deadlines and crucial projects that require specialized skills from high-performing talent, staff augmentation can be a savior and we are often the recipients of gratitude from our clients – and as well from the talent. When this happens we have made magic. 

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Empowering Talent, Elevating Teams: Conclusion

The journey with each candidate, whether placed with a client or not,  highlights the critical role of a human-centric approach in interviewing. By going beyond traditional hiring norms and building a community rooted in respect, growth, and empathy, we try our hardest to uplift the professionals we encounter and spread goodwill. At the end of the day, we’ve found our talent philosophy benefits all; the talent, our clients, and certainly ourselves.  

SweetRush is a unique staffing vendor in the learning and development space because we are L&D experts and have an intimate understanding of the work that has to get done as well as the nuanced skills of the talent and what it takes for them to hit the ground running. We are renowned for a culture of caring and our ability to attract high-performing talent. 

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