How can our team help yours? We use analysis to evaluation, the bookends of the ADDIE model, to put forth the concept that we are the vendor-partner who can shepherd your engagement from start to finish, and address your challenges regardless of size or complexity. We always start with analysis, focusing intently on the underlying business drivers and the dimensions of the overall situation. Once we understand the business objectives, we work on strategy, helping you define and implement the right formula for success.

Every project is different! In your case, you might need curriculum design, a change management or organizational readiness strategy, an evaluation plan, a marketing and communications program, or a creative gamification solution (and yes, this list goes on). We are the vendor-partner who will define the best overall, holistic solution to accomplish your objectives, and provide you the full spectrum of services to achieve a successful outcome.

The work we will do with you is not a commodity nor is it simplistic. Our service and value are built on trust, which is essential for any great collaboration. And it is trust, commitment, team spirit, and loyalty that have been the driving forces in our successful collaboration with clients.

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  • Your Challenges
    Since 2001, we’ve been delivering the right solutions to address our client’s challenges, and these challenges have been the catalyst for our growth. In the beginning they were straightforward, like bringing an existing instructor-led training online. Fast-forward and now the picture has changed: very few projects we take on are simple, and clients rely on us to analyze, unravel, and solve the complex challenges they face. It’s fun. It’s fascinating. We love what we do and are ready to jump in and tackle your challenge.

  • Analysis
    For most projects we do these days, some level of analysis is required, and we need to ask the right questions. What are you trying to accomplish? What are your performance challenges? What is the profile of your targeted demographic? What other factors affect this situation? You might have already done this work; if this is the case, we can get up to speed and proceed to frame a winning solution. But if you have not done the work, or it’s partially completed, we are ready to pick up the ball. What matters is that the analysis is done well, so we are all aiming in the right direction.

  • People Strategies & Solutions
    Our collective goal is changing the behavior of people. The first step is understanding who these people are, a task we approach with sensitivity and empathy. Solutions we craft are tailored to each demographic. Are they white collar or blue, millennials or seasoned professionals, salespeople, call center associates, tellers, engineers, managers? We discern their environment, what is important to them, and their emotional triggers. Armed with this knowledge, we can speak to them in an authentic voice that has meaning to them. We know this approach is effective because it is real and it speaks to the heart.

  • Evaluation
    Evaluation can be a hot potato. Everyone, to some degree, wants to know the results and the impact of an implemented solution, but budgets often do not embrace the costs of finding out. We like to know how successful our projects are, so we can all celebrate their success and continually improve our service. You need to know so you can validate the investment, and fine-tune your approaches as well. So, let’s have this discussion, and let’s work together to frame a plan. When done well and not as an afterthought, evaluation need not break the bank.

    Here are some of our areas of expertise that will help you meet your organization’s goals.

    • Analysis, solutioning, and visualization
    • Curriculum design
    • Organizational readiness
    • Learning and development best practices, tools, and templates
    • Change management
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Culture development
    • Employee engagement
    • Full array of learning solutions: e-learning, gamification, mobile learning, nano-learning


Adaptive learning
I want to talk about The Simpsons. Actually, I want to talk about a particular scene in season 6, episode 4, when the family takes a road trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land. It’s an exciting time for Bart and Lisa; it took them some time to convince their parents, Homer and Marge, to go,...
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At SweetRush, we often use analogies when speaking to clients about projects. Home decorating is one of my colleague’s favorite analogy themes. John-Carlos will often say things like, “That would be like me trying to decorate your living room before I’ve even been to your house.” Meaning, we should get to know you—your brand, culture,...
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Nano-learning Learning On Demand Strategy Solution eLearning Performance Support
As learning and performance improvement consultants and developers, we see trends emerge across the landscape of our client base, despite vast differences in the products and services they offer. We see workforces becoming more dispersed and virtual teams an acceptable norm. We see organizations looking to reduce training costs and accelerate new-hire orientation through online...
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a costly mistake skipping the needs analysis phase part two its worth the investment and is not as complex as it may seem
In my last post on needs analysis, I covered some of the reasons clients want to bypass the analysis phase and head straight to training development: lack of time, budget, or resources certainly top the list. Another reason clients are wary of analysis, however, is because they simply don’t understand what it entails. In that...
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The Learning Rush Alert
Of all the areas in which companies invest in custom learning solutions, sales training continues to be at the top of the list. And for good reason: from building product knowledge to honing sales skills, improving the performance of sales professionals has a direct impact on the bottom line. What will engage your sales audience—and...
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Engage Cross Generational Workforce
Let’s say we’re on a call to discuss a new performance improvement project. One of the first questions I’ll ask you is, “Who is your audience?” You might be able to give me a narrow demographic—age range, reading level, preferences, etc. But increasingly you may find yourself reflecting on a particular role and the multigenerational...
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Too Sexy for Your Training: Creating A “What’s In it for Me?” (WIIFM) When Your Learners Couldn’t Care Less
Two integral parts of any large change within an organization are gaining buy-in for the change and developing internal change champions. As a strategic partner to our clients in helping foster behavior change within their organizations, we believe effective communications around the change are essential for buy-in and success. We can make the best training...
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a costly mistake skipping the needs analysis phase part one the value of needs analysis
In my role heading up the Solutions Architect Group here at SweetRush, my team is regularly contacted by clients that have important and urgent training projects. Anytime our team receives a request for training, we get excited to learn more: the “who,” “what,” and “why” behind the request. In information-gathering sessions, we aim to collect...
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educational marketing
The Challenge: Our client, a large consumer goods manufacturer, discovered that 92 percent of customers wanted a knowledgeable salesperson to sell them products. However, sales associates work in independent stores with many brands to sell, and they’re not mandated to take product knowledge courses from individual brands. The Solution: Create highly engaging educational marketing that...
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Mobile Learning Strategy Tablets Smartphones
This post was written with the support of our Director of Engineering, Misha Milshtein. Misha helps support our clients with innovative ideas that bring their visions to life! Here we are, right in the middle of mobile learning (or m-learning) revolution, taking our learning on the go. But even if learning can be done on...
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Gaining executive buy in
You’ve done your homework and research, and designed a training program that you know will bring positive business results to your organization. Your team and immediate supervisor have weighed in, and you have a plan ready to put in front of the C-team. How do you make a pitch that works and has you looking...
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