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Designing successful learning solutions means crafting an experience that engages your learners.

Imagine that you need to buy a dress or a suit for a formal event. What do you do? Maybe you take a look around the store, search for something that you like, and then…There it is, on the rack, the perfect one. You are not sure if it’s the right size or what fabric it is, you just know that the cut, color, and style are perfect. The outfit immediately engages you and makes you come in for a closer look.

Now think for a moment about your next learning solution. You want it to be engaging. You want it to be just like that dress or suit that captures the buyer’s attention. In this case, however, you want to capture your learner. You want your learning solution to be so engaging that the learner wants to not only come closer, but engage with and finish the course motivated and pleased with the learning experience.

So how do you make that happen? One important factor is taking a look at the visual design. As Jane Bozarth recently wrote in her piece for Learning Solutions Magazine, “Designing for Learner Success,” visual design can either “enhance or interfere with learner success.”

At SweetRush, we take creative design for engagement very seriously. We know that every audience is different, and every client comes to us with important business and performance objectives to achieve. We seamlessly blend content creation and visual design into our solutions to achieve optimal results.

On May 24, SweetRush Chief Creative Officer, John-Carlos Lozano, and SweetRush Director of Client Solutions, Erin Krebs, spoke about Design for the Mind: UI and Visual Design for a New Generation of E-Learning at the ATD 2017 International Conference in Atlanta. With their presentation topic as inspiration, I’ve listed a few blogs to help you amp up your next learning solution — and make it as irresistible to the learner as that outfit for the party!

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