SweetRush and Hilton to Share Work at XRDC AR/VR Conference

The SweetRush SPARK team and Hilton’s Blaire Bhojwani take the stage at the XRDC AR/VR conference to showcase two highly successful VR learning programs they collaborated on and pioneered. Come learn about working in VR environments, getting leadership buy-in, and more.

San Francisco, Calif., Sep. 16, 2019 — Global custom learning solutions provider SweetRush and longtime client-partner Hilton will present at this year’s AR/VR conference XRDC, the nation’s “premier conference for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality innovators,” on October 14 in San Francisco. Their presentation, “A VR Training Case Study: Hilton Hotels and SweetRush,” will be held on the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion’s Innovation stage at 1:00 p.m.

Since 2017, SweetRush’s SPARK team and Hilton have collaborated on and pioneered the use of VR for learning for Hilton’s initiatives, innovating every step and component of their projects—from formats (like 360-degree video and 3D environments, which were blended) to content distribution (the SPARK team invented and built a VR delivery platform). The resulting VR programs have generated excitement around emerging technologies for learning at Hilton—and among those in the learning and XR industries.

At the AR/VR conference, Lozano and Bhojwani will guide attendees through two award-winning programs—which Gamasutra calls an “unorthodox, innovative application of VR technology”—designed to help Hilton team members understand and develop empathy for fellow team members and hotel guests. Attendees can expect to gain vital insights into the design and development process, learn what kind of business and learning challenges VR is best suited for, discover how to get leadership buy-in, and get ideas around creating a measurement strategy.   

“Breaking new ground in corporate learning and development to make training more impactful and effective has been exhilarating, and Blaire and the Hilton team are the kind of partners you want when blazing new trails,” said Lozano. “We’re thrilled to be presenting these case studies with Blaire at AR/VR conference XRDC, which is a tremendous recognition of what we’ve accomplished together.”

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