SweetRush To Address Unconscious Bias In Instructional Design At DevLearn 2016

Session attendees will learn how the hot topic of unconscious bias applies to instructional design and facilitation—and how to be more inclusive in learning materials and delivery.

San Francisco, California, November 7, 2016—SweetRush is proud to announce the session “Mitigating Hidden Bias in Instructional Design,” on the important topic of unconscious bias, at 10:45 a.m. Wednesday, November 16, at the DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. Dr. Steve Yacovelli, SweetRush’s Director of Inclusion and Change and an expert in diversity and inclusion, will present the session along with Erin Krebs, SweetRush’s Director of Client Solutions.

“Steve and Erin’s session will illuminate the topic of hidden or unconscious bias for learning and development professionals—it’s not to be missed,” said Arturo Schwartzberg, Chairman and Cofounder of SweetRush. “Unconscious bias has come to the forefront of talent management and human resources discussions as organizations seek to be more inclusive in hiring and management practices, yet there is very little in terms of discussion and practical tips available for instructional designers and facilitators. This is an opportunity to see two fantastic presenters in an interactive session to learn more about this important topic.”

Learn more about the hidden bias presentation on SweetRush’s website.

Steve and Erin will also participate in DemoFest, part of the DevLearn conference, sharing an award-winning serious game developed for a Millennial audience. Learn more about both speakers below.

The DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo, produced by The eLearning Guild, is one of the most attended and anticipated events for the learning and development industry. It will take place November 16 to 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To register for the conference and learn more about DemoFest, visit the DevLearn 2016 website.

About the Speakers

Dr. Steve Yacovelli, Director of Inclusion and Change

Steve’s many areas of expertise include change management, diversity and inclusion consulting, instructional design, leadership and cultural development, learning strategies, and training evaluation. A published author, Steve’s writings focus on organizational and individual adoption of change, how adults learn using technology, and organizational readiness for technology-enabled learning.

Erin Krebs, Director of Client Solutions

Erin heads up our talented Solution Architect Group. Whip-smart, with an ability to capture the big picture and the details, she crafts solutions that go beyond her clients’ expectations. Erin holds a master’s degree in learning systems design and development and is a certified professional in learning and performance. She’s a speaker and author on numerous topics, specializing in learning techniques for Millennials.

About SweetRush

Dream for a moment that you have the expertise and tools to positively impact the lives of others. You can affect mindsets and behavior. You can help a business grow, change, prosper, and thrive. The passionate pursuit of this expertise and development of these tools has been at the heart of the success SweetRush has experienced collaborating with clients who share the same dream.

SweetRush’s focus on team culture and mastery of performance improvement is reflected in a near-zero turnover of teammates, loyal clients, a 14-year track record of success, and a remarkable portfolio. Our work with clients has earned us gold awards from our peers and high ranking on the top training industry lists.

Every solution we deliver is infused with creativity. Instructional creativity allows us to discover effective and unique solutions to our clients’ challenges. Artistic creativity spurs us to create visually exciting, engaging user experiences. Technical creativity allows us to embrace new capabilities and platforms as they emerge, such as gamification and mobile delivery. In our Talent Solutions service, we harness creativity and our unique knowledge of talent, team-building, and learning and development to find you the best temporary staff to augment your team. We apply the creative lens to all things, from project management to how we treat our teammates, clients, and the planet.

We are over 100 people strong and have been in business since 2001. Our deliverables span from analysis and curriculum mapping to the creation of blended training products, including live and virtual classroom and the full gamut of custom-developed e-learning modalities.

Dream with us, and together let’s make a positive impact!

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