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Learning technologies 2019 Learning technologies 2019
Arturo Schwartzberg Cofounder and Chairman
Caring and always approachable. WIIF You = What’s in It for You is on the back of his card. Says it all.
DANIELLE HART Director of Marketing
SweetRush veteran. Knows it all: was a Project Manager and a Solution Architect. Come talk branding, marketing, communications, and the industry at large!
ASHLEY MUNDAY Dir. of Cultural Transformation
Culture guru! Affable, engaging. Come by and talk about your culture. It’s so important—and it would make her day!
JOHN CARLOS LOZANO Chief Creative Officer
Creative force of nature melding creative design to instructional design. And yes, he does love shiny objects, but always focuses on the learner and underlying business objectives.
ANNIE HODSON Solution Architect
Day in and day out, collaborating with clients to frame winning solutions. Adopts your challenges as her own. It’s a connection worth making!
How Can We Help You?
Your people need to change and improve so that your business can thrive. Helping you accomplish this is what we do. Explore how via our five services below.
SweetRush services SweetRush services
Custom Learning icon CUSTOM LEARNING
We'll embrace your business challenge and develop a unique solution that connects with your target audience.
Talent Solutions icon TALENT SOLUTIONS
Do you need a temporary pro to augment your team? Our talent pool is ready to help.

L&D pros we need you! Apply here
Spark icon SPARK
VR, AR, AI, apps, and deep-dive technical solutions. Curious? Let us show you how these technologies can work for you.
Cultural Transformation icon CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION
Investing in culture has been the secret to our success. If you need to transform yours, it would be our honor to help you.
Good Things icon GOOD THINGS
Non profits, we stand in awe and applaud what you do! We love applying our craft for good, so please come talk to us.
Recognized by your peers in the industry Recognized by your peers in the industry
Awards picture Awards picture
Chosen #1 - PLATINUM
  • Top eLearning Content Providers
38 total - 26 gold (2017 & 2018)
In 24 categories, including:
  • Learning strategy, measurement, results
  • Sales training, leadership, compliance, new hire orientation
  • Virtual worlds, games, video, mobile, custom content
  • Blended learning, certification, competencies & skill development
  • Change transformation, innovation
Solution Provider of the Year
  • Leadership or Skills Development
2 Top 20
  • Gamification
  • Content Development
  • Excellence in Technology Innovation
We thank our client-collaborators We thank our client-collaborators
for working together to create award-winning work. *Gold Award Winners
Engaging, effective solutions Engaging, effective solutions
that Speak Authentically to Your Audience These case studies will take you deeper into the types of solutions SweetRush can provide.
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