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SweetRush forecasts the important instructional design trends its thought leaders believe will make an impact on corporate training this 2017.


SweetRush takes home two awards in a highly competitive field of nearly 4,000 submissions.

hiring temporary talent

In this free resource, the SweetRush Talent Solutions team offers insights, tips, and best practices to help learning and development professionals interview and choose the right temporary talent.


SweetRush’s second appearance at DemoFest will focus on an exceptional example of game-based learning for sales associates.


The quintessential example of a visionary is Martin Luther King Jr., who led the fight for civil rights with strength and compassion. Visionaries like King have one thing in common—they all have a clear, long-range view of how things should be. True visionaries pair their vision with their ability to manipulate a medium or system…

agile eLearning development

If you’ve worked in the eLearning industry for a while, it’s likely you’ve recently (or not that recently) heard the buzzword “agile,” possibly in combination with other words like “process,” “production methodology,” and so on. We’ve heard it too, I’d like to share our story, perspective, and conclusions about what “agile” means for SweetRush. As…


Six are the colors of the rainbow and six are the instructional design trends we highlight in our infographic below, based on SweetRush thought leaders’ predictions for 2017! These are the trends we see making an impact on the corporate training and instructional design this year, driven by learner and client demand, as well as…


“All eLearning must be engaging.” “All eLearning must be interactive.” Of course I agree with these industry mantras. But interactivity for its own sake does not make a successful custom eLearning. Each project comes with its own set of challenges—the trick to creating truly successful custom eLearning is finding a way to address these unique…

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