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SweetRush affirms its commitment to providing expert consulting in organizational culture and change management by bringing on strategist, facilitator, consultant, and coach Ashley Munday. SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 10, 2017 — Ashley Munday has joined SweetRush to consolidate its offerings related to culture transformation, change management, and organizational development for clients. A renowned leader in…


Two learning solutions produced by SweetRush in collaboration with its clients were honored with Awards for Excellence in this writing- and communications-focused competition.


Kate Hixson, PhD, SweetRush’s fifth Solution Architect, brings deep experience in the learning and development field, a focus on collaboration and creativity, and a passion for technology in learning to her new role at SweetRush.

SweetRush won two Summit Creative Awards 2017

SweetRush’s creative and innovative mobile and video learning programs impressed the judging panel in the prestigious and rigorous competition.


“A new focus on accountability, data, transparency, and ‘diversity through process’ is driving efforts around unconscious bias training and education throughout the business community. Despite these efforts, however, we see a reality gap. Issues around diversity and inclusion continue to be frustrating and challenging for many organizations.” —Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age: 2017…

Melissa way to work from home

I feel very fortunate that throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working at great companies doing what I love most: recruiting! When I first applied for an internship in Human Resources, I thought to myself, “Bah! HR sounds so boring.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. I ended up recruiting IT and creative…


I have been working from home for SweetRush, a virtual eLearning company, for four years. My coworkers are some of the most talented, creative, and hardworking people I have had the pleasure to work with. Day after day, I collaborate with my team to create engaging and unique online courses. Through the course of the…

Learning Rush by SweetRush

Imagine that you need to buy a dress or a suit for a formal event. What do you do? Maybe you take a look around the store, search for something that you like, and then…There it is, on the rack, the perfect one. You are not sure if it’s the right size or what fabric…

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