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SweetRush takes home two awards in a highly competitive field of nearly 4,000 submissions.

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In this free resource, the SweetRush Talent Solutions team offers insights, tips, and best practices to help learning and development professionals interview and choose the right temporary talent.


SweetRush’s second appearance at DemoFest will focus on an exceptional example of game-based learning for sales associates.


DevLearn session attendees will learn how the hot topic of unconscious bias applies to instructional design and facilitation—and how to be more inclusive in learning materials and delivery.

Learning Rush by SweetRush

First, we found the inspiration . . . now let me show you some gamification examples with techniques you can use to make a winning game-based learning solution. In my previous blog, I shared several blog posts to inspire you to create a game-based learning solution. To kick off this blog series, I presented you…

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In discussion recently with a client of mine (a pretty hot Silicon Valley high-tech company), we talked about the problems they were having attracting and retaining talent. They mentioned losing talent to FANG (Facebook-Apple-Netflix-Google), and what caught my attention was how often the term “talent war” was repeated throughout the conversation—so much that at some…


Attracting, vetting, selecting, hiring, and on-boarding temporary learning and development talent: should you do it yourself, or hire a staffing vendor? This post is a segment from our free eBook: How to Interview Temporary Talent for Learning and Development Positions. Download it today! This post was co-written by SweetRush instructional designer Tim Coffey. So you’ve…

Learning Rush by SweetRush

Who says games are just for kids? Get inspired by these five blog posts and make your next adult learning solution engaging, creative, and fun! Imagine the scenario: You have to create a new learning solution for your employees and you want not only an engaging but an interesting and effective one so that no…

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